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Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Monday in March

A colleague wrote a grant to support an origami/math lesson
with an origami artist for every class in the school.
On Friday several students and teachers looked tired. Our playground is still covered with about three feet of snow. For many there's been a lot of extra work with regard to shoveling, parking, and driving to school. And our routines have been upset by preparing for PARCC for the first time. As I looked around I realized, yes this is March.

March is always the longest month of teaching. There's no big break or holiday in March, people are weather weary, and it's that time of year where you're cognizant of the teaching goals you've reached, and the goals you've not met yet. Children need more extra, loving care in March too.

With that in mind, what will the second Monday in March be like for my students and me?

We'll start the day by organizing learning spaces and making an early morning choice of reading, writing, or drawing. Then we'll attend the school assembly. After there will be some time to play and a short meeting to review the week ahead.

Next, the children have gym class which they've missed a lot due to snow days, Monday holidays, and special events so they'll be very happy about that. Following gym, the principal and technology specialist will come in to talk about the special role students have at upcoming assemblies--that's a fifth grade privilege all the students look forward to.

Then it's time for recess and lunch, reading and writing, and an end of the day special event, the visit by an origami artist. My students LOVE origami so that will bring lots of bright color, cheer, and creativity to the class.

After students leave, I'll attend the teachers' origami lesson which will be both fun and informative.

As I visualize the day ahead, I'm realizing that March is the perfect month for special events that bring light and cheer at winter's end. I'll remember that as I plan for the year ahead in weeks to come.