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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Rafranz Davis was the guest moderator of #satchat this morning. #Satchat is a Saturday morning chat that invites the voices of educators all over the world to discuss specific issues and questions. The fact that so many educators get involved creates multiple conversation streams throughout the hour.

This morning's #satchat centered on the topic of voice for me and a handful of other educators whose questions and comments helped me to think about voice with greater depth.

The chat made me think about my history with voice? A history that starts with my large, extended passionate family to the present time of teaching and parenting.

During the chat I also thought about the systems in our organizations that invite voice and debate, and how those systems work in ways that build inclusive, dynamic share and growth.

I also thought about the ways we listen to students, colleagues, friends, and family members.

How do we nurture strong, honest, and just voices in the children we teach?  How do we balance voice with action both in ourselves and with those we coach and mentor?

I want to think more about voice. I welcome your references to books, quotes, leaders, and others who she light on this topic, a most important topic of our time of easy share and an increasing global intersection.