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Friday, February 13, 2015

Vacation Starts!

As educators and students we need vacations.

The work can be exhausting, and even though we've had quite a few snow days, the extra work related to snow doesn't make the job less tiresome.

The vacation gives us a good stopping point--a time to reflect, and a time to rest up for the next leg of the school year. I think most families would agree that their children profit from the time off from school too. It gives children the chance to do the things they love most. Of course, just like everything to do with school, school vacations depend on context too. I can imagine that there are some organizations and some families that find the vacations hard to handle for a number of reasons.

We ended the week with a Team Celebration and an exchange of Valentine's Day surprises. We also watched a good movie that will lay the foundation, in part, for our upcoming biography project, and we relaxed with our kindergarten buddies at the end of day.

Once we return, students will continue their math study, prep for the Rube Goldberg marble maze project, read/write, take standardized tests, and engage in a large number of special events. In the meantime, I'll make some time to enjoy family and friends, and catch up on the other aspects of life too. Happy Vacation!