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Monday, February 09, 2015

Tech Learning Strategies

I'm thinking about how tech is learned today.

Tech is not best learned in traditional ways.

Instead, I believe, tech is best learned with these strategies:

  1. Introduce the tech programs, equipments "big idea" in a few sentences.
  2. Model one aspect of tech use.
  3. Let the learners play, ask questions, help one another.
  4. Provide some challenges, and let the learners provide challenges.
  5. Use a ready, ongoing, share document so the learners can share and respond to ideas and questions.
  6. Embed the tech use into worthy problem-based, standards-based, real-world learning experiences.
Tech learning is a give-and-take process that profits from play, share, team, and a growth mindset.

I'm thinking about how I will change my tech-related learning events to better mirror these ideas.