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Monday, February 09, 2015

Snow Day Idea Streams

A sea of snow sits outside of my house while a stream of ideas fills my computer screen inside.

These snowy days have been days of reflection as I think about ways to improve my craft and teach children well.

The big idea consult always leads to the need to summarize the share and bring it back home to the microsphere--the teaching/learning with and for children.

So what is the result of these snow day streams:
  • A thoughtful, step-by-step process of PARCC prep.
  • A need to deepen curriculum programs at all levels to reach all learners in culturally relevant, strengths based ways.
  • Revisiting tech use, process, and share to forward learning for all students in meaningful, relevant, responsive ways. 
  • Attention to learning-to-learn mindsets and behavior including the need to teach bystander/upstander knowledge.
The teaching/learning menu is ready for the return to the classroom. Now it's time to shore up efforts related to other aspects of life.