Tuesday, February 24, 2015

School Nurses Play a Vital Role in the School Community

Our school nurse plays a vital, visible role in our school community.

She is a proactive, public health advocate who readily responds to students/faculty health issues, educates the learning community about health events, and problem solves with educators, children, and family members regarding individual student's health issues and needs.

In a sense, in conjunction with the school's physical education teacher, she keeps the issue of a healthy and well environment on the forefront of our school agenda in ways that matter.

Since most of the good work our school nurse does is quiet and confidential, I couldn't begin to list all of the important tasks she completes each day, but I know that her days are very busy and her work makes an important difference to the overall wellness and happiness for our school community.

As we reach for holistic, supportive educational environments, we can't forget about the important role that school nurses play--a role that supports healthy, safe, and inclusive school communities.