Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hattie Continues to Inspire: Tough Teaching

Some units, content, and children are tough to teach for a large number of reasons.

I re-looked at my notes related to Hattie's research today as I begin to prepare for a teaching/learning challenge.

Over the years my teaching/learning data has pointed to one area of challenge--an area I've yet to master.

One reason that I haven't mastered this learning area is that I have not given it enough time or focus.

So beginning next week, I will make the time to focus on this area about six periods a week. One reason I am able to do this is that I typically have the help of a reliable and talented teaching assistant during those six periods. The teaching assistant will take over in some areas so I can focus on this area of need.

I'll begin this initiative by giving the students I'll be working with time for voice. I'll start by asking, "How can I help you learn this content better?" I'll make sufficient time for share and listening, and then we'll take their ideas and put them into a teaching/learning action plan.

After that we'll get started with the plan. I'll do my part of prepping a blended home-school menu to respond to the content and learner's needs. We'll set goals, and we'll also stop to review and revise often identifying where we are succeeding and where we still need greater attention, focus, and revision to meet our goals.

I'm excited about this challenge. As I work on it, I'll think about how we can meet a challenge like this with more regularity in our programs because challenges like this shouldn't have to wait as long as this one has.