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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Ideas to Better Our Teaching/Learning Community

What ideas do you have to better the teaching/learning community?

This is a brainstorm list I'm starting. Feel free to add in the comments section. I'll revisit the list often to add new ideas.

Supporting Students in Need
  • Identifying students early.
  • Problem solving as a team.
  • Creating protocols for student support.
  • "Home Away from Home" Homerooms
  • Late summer, before school prep and share with regard to those students. 
  • School Orientation
  • Affinity groups that embed academic standards and respond to social needs/interests.
  • Regular, strategic effort and idea share. 
  • After school social groups that foster enriching activities that develop social power/connections and embed standards. 
  • Opportunities to engage in enriching after school activities that other classmates engage in. 
  • Regular, targeted coaching and communication that leads our collective work in this regard. 
STEAM Centers
  • Time to set up, share ideas, organize.
  • Perhaps a bigger space in the school for large-scale creation and supply organization/storage.
  • Time to access, write, and submit grants.
  • Systematic collection, organization, and storage of recyclables.
Healthy Environments
  • Healthy snacks available at all times.
  • Adequate recess and play time. 
  • Better signage and coaching for recycling, earth-friendly behavior, healthy eating. 
Professional Learning
  • Student-led professional learning.
  • Teacher-directed professional learning.
  • Greater choice and voice. 
  • Better communication and share systems and protocols.