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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Building Connections: Creating a School Infographic

Recent words shared by Gloria Ladson-Billings' shared by our superintendent prompt us to design learning that ". . . help students make connections between their local, national, racial, cultural, and global identities." I thought that one way that I might begin this conversation is through the action of creating a school infographic with a small group of math students.

The infographic will be wall sized and posted in a place in the school where all students can see it. We will use updated statistics based on the graphs below provided by the Department of Education. We will embed multiple grade-level math standards into this study, a study that I believe will make the learning meaningful and relevant. And, a study that will help students see where they fit into the school environment with respect to culture, race, age, gender, and more. Sometimes looking at the stats that describe your place in an organization help you to make sense of your experience and better voice your needs and concerns.

I think this might be a good first step for helping students use math at a young age to make connections. Do you agree?