Saturday, February 28, 2015

Be Gentle with Families

Today when I saw a specialist for a very small, but persistent, health issue I thought about the many challenges families face with regard to raising healthy, happy children.

The families we serve as educators bring to us their histories, current issues/challenges, needs, and interests. Children, in many ways, reflect their family's care and challenges.

Today, the specialist met me with a what-can-I-do-for-you attitude and a heap of compassion. That's exactly what I needed. He was honest and realistic. He knows that my minuscule issue like any issue big or small profits from an honest analysis, compassion, and a step-by-step resolve.

The same is true for the families we serve and children we teach. They bring to us their strengths, challenges, interests, and dreams. We do our best to help each child develop with confidence and engagement. We work with families with compassion to analyze challenges and create development paths. It's a thoughtful, collaborative process that serves all best.

So be gentle with families and be gentle with yourself too. Then use your best strengths, experience, and insight to work with families to teach children well.