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Friday, February 20, 2015

Assessment Review

I write about this again and again. Why?

I write because the words help to set the stage and motivate me.

The 44 fraction tests are piled high in front of me. Each one will take about 3-5 minutes to review with depth. As I review, I'll write comments on the papers to lead future study and work. I'll also keep a running list next to me of skills, concepts, and knowledge that the whole class needs to review and that information only a few have to study more in order to master.

Assessing student work provides a snapshot of their performance level with specific content and it also provides an assessment of my work as a teacher. What classroom efforts led to mastery for most or all students, and what efforts do I need to develop more for deeper learning and knowing.

The task is daunting to start, but once the review is complete, I will have a clearer idea of how to coach my students forward. The students appreciate the feedback too as the feedback helps to spur their efforts ahead as well.

A big cup of coffee, a couple of nice pens, and ready mind set the stage for the review to come.

The tests actually took about 3-5 minutes to review once I got a pattern going. The information, as always, was extremely useful with regard to creating future student-centered teaching/learning plans.