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Friday, January 09, 2015


What is your voice?

What do you express and why?

As individuals, we have a right to our voice and opinion.

We also have a right to our feelings and emotions.

Tonight I read about "gaslighting," a term I had never heard before, and one I want to explore more.

As I think about voice, I think about the recent Azealia Banks interview, an interview where she is moved to tears as she talks about oppression and the broadcaster cautions her use of emotion telling her to "put it into her music."

I'm wondering about women's voices and their strength and emotion.

I'm wondering about women's voices shared and women's voices quiet or quieted.

Voice is an important consideration.

It is the focus of the news with recent violent attacks against journalists and artists, and their rights related to free speech and share.

How do we honor the voices of the students we teach, friends, family members, and colleagues?

What responsibility do we  have for listening and share?

How do our attitudes and response to voice impact our organization and the dignity of the people we work and live with?

These are many questions about an important topic, a topic I'll investigate more.