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Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up: First Week in January 2015

Were the holidays only one week ago?  Seems impossible since this first week back was filled with activity.

Today we'll wrap up the week's learning with the following activity.

Keyboarding Practice
The new tests require that students type their work so today students will have some time to practice their keyboarding skills.

Fraction Introduction
Students will use Khan Academy and TenMarks to review fraction concepts learned in third and fourth grade.

Factor Charts
Students will continue their morning work of listing all the factor pairs for numbers 1-100.

Current Events
We'll watch Flocabulary's weekly rap and discuss the week's current events.

Instrumental, Kindergarten Coaching, Magazine Crew, and Project Work
After lunch students have about 50 minutes of special projects and learning.

Buddy Reunion
We haven't spent time with our kindergarten buddies since vacation so we'll have a reunion with choice time and an end of the day shared video.

Next week we'll continue to meet the goals laid out for the first week back with the following activities.

Math Writing
Using the TIDE acronym to craft an essay that compares math's four operations: additions, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Math Facts and Computation
Continued review of math facts and computation for home study and in-class work. End-of-the-week assessments to inform the mid-year standards based report card checks and comments

Read Aloud
Hopefully we'll get to start our new class book next week.