Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Easy to Judge if You Never Risk

One challenge risk takers face is the judgement of those who rarely to never risk.

Those who rarely risk, try something new, or create, don't fail or make mistakes often.

Their stream is a steady, predictable course one year after the next.

There's a peacefulness to the steady stream.

It's not like the ocean waves that rise and fall at unsteady pace, gentle one day, wavy the next.

Yet the drama of those waves bring us back to the ocean year after year as their drumbeat rhythm comforts and challenges us.

Is one course better than the other?

Can the two work in tandem?

Is there respect for either side or those that fall in between with right synthesis?

The harsh part is the judgement which overtakes understanding and unsteadies collaboration--the choice to banish one way or the other.

Symphony is the goal--the working together of the continuum from wavy to steady to create good, inspiring, nurturing, colorful result.