Friday, January 30, 2015

Algorithm for Positive Teaching/Learning?

If you had to design an algorithm for good teaching/learning, what would it look like?

Named Values:
  • positive attitude
  • well-planned learning experiences
  • Knowing Students Well
  • Goals/Vision
  • Experience, Research, and Design
  • Formal and Informal Assessment
  • Reflection and Revision
  • Collegial Collaboration
  • Learning Team Communication and Care: Students, Educators, Families, Leaders, Community.
Parameters: Named Input
  • Student needs
  • Standards
  • Learning to Learn Mindsets/Behaviors
  • Basic Needs: Health, Shelter, Nutrition, Safety
  • Materials
  • Technology
  • Learning Space
  • Time and Schedule
Conditionals: Handling Different Conditions
  • If a child has mastered all standards, then. . .
  • If a child is far from meeting standards, then. . .
  • If a child's basic needs are not met, then . . .
  • If space, supplies, or schedule are not sufficient, then. . .
  • If a teacher needs more coaching, professional learning. . .
  • If it's time to update a program, then. . .
  • Repeat successful teaching/learning techniques, pedagogy to effect greater learning.
  • Repeat successful professional learning activities, mindsets, behaviors.
  • Repeat successful systems for teaching/learning efficiency and effect.
  • Repeat classroom set-up, pedagogy, experiences, schedules that lead to success, happiness.
  • What "helper" routines support teaching/learning success.
Recursion: Helping Yourself (I'm not exactly sure of this piece)
  • Reflection, revision, review, correction