Monday, December 29, 2014

Where Do You Take the Inspiration?

Brain pickings has amazing posts like this one about creative leadership. Just ten minutes on Twitter opens your eyes to wonderful ideas and paths to follow. Yet, we can't travel all those paths as one person which brings us back to our study routines, vision, and goals. What is it that you are creating? Where is it that you are headed? And what do you want to do?

Those are critical questions as we navigate limitless resources for betterment, a job well done, and learning.

For me, the words "practice what you preach" call me forth.

I want to be the educator that takes ideas from many resources and implements those ideas in the classroom and school environment for positive student growth and development.

That means following the new year's list of teaching efforts, playing with lots of hands-on science materials, researching NGSS questions, creating my own TedTalk-like science talk, coaching students through the same activity, listening and learning from colleagues, and continuing a positive path of teaching/learning. The ultimate goal is to teach well. Onward.