Monday, December 29, 2014

Videoblog: Comfort Level

Yesterday I made a short film for a PBS contest. In truth, it wasn't the best film. To make it really good would have taken hours, hours I didn't want to commit to a contest at this time. The whole event made me think deeply though about my comfort level with video share.

I am uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd whether it be on a video or on stage--I've never developed those skills to a comfort level I'm satisfied with.

Last year I worked on those skills a lot with my students during our TEAM research project. This year as my students from last year led school assembly, I had to think the efforts from last year payed off since their ability to stand up and speak to a crowd of 500 students, family members, educators, and leaders were remarkable. I know that this skill, in part, came from the countless times they rehearsed their TEAM research presentations last year.

To create a really good PBS film would have required that I present via video, and make the time to really think through the film including script, visuals, and video. Students did that well last year as we made our WeVideo Endangered Species Film.

Like many today, I reach for a video rather than text if I want to learn something fast. A quick search of YouTube or the Internet and I typically find what I'm looking for. Students will need the kind of presentation skills necessary to make a great video, and as learning/teaching develops, educators will need those skills too.

So I'm adding this to my list of skills to develop as the new year takes hold. I'll match this effort with students TedTalk-like science presentations that will be coming up in the next month or so.

Have you developed your speaking skills with strength? Do you videotape presentations regularly? Have you worked with students to develop this skill?  If so, please send me any ideas, posts, or "how-to's" to help me develop this skill. Thanks in advance for your help.