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Monday, December 08, 2014

This Week's Focus: Slow it Down

Even though I have a fairly low key holiday season planned, the added celebrations and events make me less energetic on a Monday morning, and if I feel that way, I can probably multiply the feeling times ten when it comes to the students I teach. Hence, the theme this week is "slow it down."

While we move through a fairly traditional set of goal this week related to math operations and science research, I'll pay more attention to a slow and steady pace with quieter activities. This will give me some good time to coach individuals and help students coach each other too.

I'll also weave in a lesson or two focused on communication with respect to our learning to learn efforts. We'll participate in Hour of Code with our buddies on Friday and perhaps at other times during the week too. We've got a holiday concert planned too at the end of the week.

I say it repeatedly, but in our context, it's best to match the busy holiday season outside of school with a quiet, caring, more traditional schedule inside of school.  That keeps the peace and continues the learning at this busy time of year.

With that in mind, I wish you a terrific week of teaching and learning.