Tuesday, December 23, 2014

There is Still Time for Dreams Unmet

Since my earliest days, I've been a dreamer.

Two strong dreams were born in me. First to be a mom and the second to teach.

Thanks to the coaching of many dedicated teachers and loved ones as well as good fortune, I pursued my dreams. Today I'm a mom and teacher--two roles I would not give up, and two roles that I still work at as there's always room to do a better job.

Today, with the glow of the holiday spirit around me, a third, unmet dream, sparked. I had thought that dream impossible given the years passed and other factors, but today the dream resurfaced with a sense of possibility. It's a simple dream, not yet within my grasp, but one I realize I may achieve with time, care, and focus.

Our dreams are what make us young and hopeful no matter our age or situation. Our dreams pursued are the gifts we give to ourselves, the gifts that energize us and move us forward.