Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good Process Leads to Good Results

Sometimes we talk and say nothing.

Sometimes we sit around a table to make a decision, but we don't really make the time to collect the facts, analyze the data, or pose the question well.

We may bring our leanings, and we may not make the time to listen to others' point of view.

Or, we may hold different goals in the conversation never really agreeing to what it is we're trying to relay, decide, or improve.

A good conversation about issues that matter needs shape, focus, and organization. It typically doesn't just happen particularly if diverse views are involved.

A good conversation starts with the question, "What is it that we're trying to achieve?" Without a common purpose, the conversation won't go anywhere.

The next important question is, "What's getting in our way of achieving this goal, and how can we reshape our efforts to meet this goal in positive, dynamic ways?"

Then it's vital that you let all those who affect the goal add their thoughts and ideas. If the share only involves a few rather than all who are impacted, the result will not be as strong or effective. It's imperative that inclusive, efficient share processes or vehicles are used so everyone who has a point of view or investment in the problem has a chance to speak up and say what they think.

After that it's time for negotiation, creative problem solving, decision making, action plans, assessment, and reflection.

Good process leads to good results.

So prior to any conversation that involves a problem, it's best to begin with an explicit discussion about the process you will use. That will lead to greater success.