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Monday, December 01, 2014

Pep Talk: Peaceful Transitions and Current Goals

The first day back after a holiday weekend is always tough as many children would rather stay home than come to school. Some teachers may feel the same way :)

We'll start with our school assembly, then we'll have a class meeting.  During our class meeting I'll share the goals for this short leg of the school year which is to solidify place value and math operation computation skills while learning about Earth and Space Science.  We'll also continue our focus on peaceful transitions.

I try to minimize the transitions each day so that most of our time is focused on learning experiences, however some transitions are unavoidable.

This morning, during our organization meeting, we'll focus on the following daily routines with a goal of making our transitions and routine events more successful.

Morning Routine
  • sign in
  • read the schedule
  • get started with the morning work activity.
End Day Routine
  • pick up around your desk
  • clear off your desk
  • stack your chair
  • pick up in other areas of the room
  • stack extra chairs
  • sit on your desk when you're done.
  • be prepared to listen to end-of-the-day announcements.
  • leave when dismissed. 
  • walk quietly in the hall, single file to make room for others and so that we don't disturb other classes.
Lunch Transition
  • wait for the teacher to arrive before you leave, then leave quietly.
The routines are simple, but needed in order to contribute to a peaceful, safe school community. Also, as I write, I realize that it's our end-of-the-day transition that's the messiest so we'll pay particular attention to that as we talk today.

Taking a bit of time on the first day back after a holiday for a pep talk to foster team is important, particularly at this busy, holiday time of year.