Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good Teaching/Parenting: Stepping Back

MindShift raises the topic of mindfulness and teaching well this morning. Earlier in the week, John Chase @getwhatugive discusses the importance of soft skills. My own busy house of young adult sons and a high school son has put me more in the role of observer and supporter than leader or orchestrator.

I've been attuned to the world around me this holiday season--a world that marks change both personally and professionally. Professionally roles and processes I've longed for, in many cases, are in place. Behind me in years of service is a dynamic group of young leaders and educators who are creating positive change in ways that reflect new ideas and social skills. My students who have access to learning all day every day are bright and forward thinking.

The plans are set for the short weeks ahead until the holiday break. It's time to step back at home and at school, time to support my young learners, committed colleagues, and energized family members. Time to give myself a break from leading, coming up with the ideas, debate, and planning in exchange for listening, observing, encouraging, and supporting the efforts and actions in place.

All week I puzzled about this new role, one so different from the busy mom and teacher trying to set the stage for success and care. In so many ways, it's a right time to step back and take it in. I'm sure new opportunities for leadership and initiatives will arise in time, but for now I'll let those around me take the lead. Onward.