Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Follow Voices Unfamiliar

One of the best ways to grow your practice, outlook, and think is to follow voices that are unfamiliar to you.

We are often drawn to and very comfortable with voices that resonate with us.  We understand those voices quite well and they give us an easy stretch to reach for.

Yet, we need to hear the voices of those quite different from us, but often it's not easy to find those voices.

How do you best find voices and people to follow online and in real-time that provide you with a new lens to seeing the world?

Who are those voices to you? What follows?

The more we reach out to understand each other better, the more able we'll be to live and work with each other. I'm grateful to the courageous people who offer their voice, opinion, and values to us so we can grow with better understanding.

Let me know what you thoughts or ideas you have with regard to his post? I'm on the lookout for greater information in this regard.

I know I'm restating this, but the opportunity to watch foreign films is one inroad to this need.