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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Atrocity: Grieving for Children Lost

Today's news includes the atrocity in Pakistan--the cruel, unimaginable slaughter of innocent children in a Pakistani school.

Who treats children this way?


If there's one issue that most of the world agrees upon, it is that we need to love and care for children well.

People all over the world in every culture and country love and care for children in extraordinary ways.

Yes, there are times and events when this does not occur, and even with our best intent, we sometimes err when it comes to caring and nurturing for our own children and children in our midst. Caring well for children can be a challenging task particularly if you're in a situation that is compromised by factors such as money, safe neighborhoods, support, or equity. Yet, with our best intent, action, and the support of many we persevere to love our children well.

To honor these Pakistani children and children everywhere who are ill treated, we all need to do something special for a child or children in our communities. It doesn't have to be a public or giant event; it can be a small act of kindness.

My students long for time to learn freely with greater choice. A desire that is sometimes compromised by the large number of standards we're required to teach and other factors, but tomorrow to honor the Pakistani children, we will have an open-lunch where children have the chance to play inside or out and eat in the classroom if they choose. It's a simple act, but one that will bring joy and that's important at this time of worldwide sadness and reverence for the lives lost.