Monday, November 24, 2014

Reaching Out To Families Who Don't Respond

Sometimes when you reach out to a family, they don't respond.

They don't return a phone call or respond to an email.

Many rely on text, and I haven't made that part of my teaching repertoire yet. As I think today, I realize it's time to add that to the many ways we can communicate with families today.

When families don't respond, we typically ask other colleagues to help out by giving a call and reaching out as well.

Yet, sometimes that results in actions much like a game of "telephone" with information and messages becoming distorted and changed along the way.

Many advise that we shouldn't give up, and if families aren't responding that means we have to try other means of communication.

In place now are newsletters, emails, and phone calls.

What I'll add is text and paper notes--let's see if this helps with the small percentage of families that don't respond. I think it's also time for a family event--perhaps we'll plan that for the January-February timeline.

Fortunately where I teach, we have almost 100% response.

If you have other ideas of ways to engage reluctant families, let me know as the truth remains that children do best if we all work together.