Monday, November 24, 2014

Place Value Movie Making Finale

Today is students' last official day to work on their place value movies and animations.  The activity is an enrichment option.

So during our place value math workshop this afternoon, finishing your movie will be one of the study options. Other options will include studying place value via online games, videos, songs, and practice.

The biggest challenge with this project was students' inability to plan well for the time needed to complete the project. Some teams got together with big ideas, but weren't able to anticipate the time needs and therefore met with frustration. Other teams worked in class, during free periods, and at home to complete their films with skill.

Since the project was an enrichment option, I didn't spend a lot of time on planning and preparation for the task. I'll acknowledge this today as students make choices, and I'll assure them that it's okay not to take part as they'll have a chance in the weeks to come to plan well for similar projects, projects for which there will be more support.

On Wednesday morning, students will share their short films with classmates and grade 4 students. The students will judge the movies with the criteria in the chart at the top of the page. Winners will receive a token prize, and the entire activity will serve to develop students' place value understanding and skill.

I'm interested in the response of the filmmakers and audience at Wednesday's premiere. Each month my partner teacher and I try to offer one creative enrichment option. Last month's enrichment was a storytelling contest, this month's is the movie task, and in the future we'll include other projects that engage students' interests and match our overall curriculum goals.

Contest Rationale and Process