Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Does Your Teaching/Learning Team Have a Theme?

Does each team at your school have a mission?

For example, is each grade-level or subject area matched with a theme?

If so, how is that theme expressed? Is it a statement, word, or question?

How is that theme illustrated? Is there a mural, picture, or other signage?

Does each part of the team have a title related to the theme? For example, classrooms could be named rather than numbered. The names could represent natural objects, famous people, or inventions.

How is the theme woven into the curriculum, service learning, read alouds, field studies, and other activities for the team?

What impact does the theme have on students' learning?

Throughout a students' tenure at the school, do the themes contribute to a holistic, bright, open attitude to the child's world of today and the world of the future?

Our Middle School has themes for each grade level. The themes are the glue that tie the grade-level together. I'm wondering if it's time to bring that idea to the elementary schools as well?