Thursday, November 20, 2014

Animated Models Inform Math

I'm traveling this unexpected path of using animated models to teach math.

Today, I shared a model I made using SCRATCH.

Students examined the model and shared what they noticed about the behavior. Then one girl shared an error. It was an area of the model I was struggling with when I created it.

We puzzled over the error. I opened up the script, and the students guided my corrections. It was a great learning moment for all.

Later in the day many students coded their own movies about place value.

I plan to use more of these animated models. I like the way the models draw the students' attention an use sound, movement, color, and text to teach a concept.

I hope to have students code more often to teach and learn math concepts too.

How do you and your students create animated models? I know that many teachers have students perform math functions, and that's powerful too.  Let's see where this learning path takes us, and let us know if you have any thing to add.