Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fifth Grade Program Review: Week of 10/20

Caine continued to inspire us this week. 
This week, like every week, was eventful.

One upside of teaching is that it's rarely boring. There's always lot of learning for the entire learning team: students, family members, educators, leaders, and community members.

Next week brings similar excitement and challenge.

On Monday, two of my students will present a short film they made about their service learning project. They filmed and re-filmed multiple times until they ran out of time. I told them that I'd edit their takes and put them together into one short film over the weekend, and I promised I would not cut the humor out.  They identified the music they liked on WeVideo, so I'll use that platform for the film.

Buddies made pattern photo frames
this week. 
Later that day we'll finish Algebraic Thinking Assessment Two, and review measurement conversions, the conversions learning path, and ways to study new information. We'll also take a look at "little to big staircase models" and discuss how we can apply those models with precise proportion to place value, measurement units, and other number values.

Tuesday is the finale to our Global Cardboard Challenge project. Students are excited about sharing their creative arcade games and other creations with the whole school on the playground. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine that day. Tuesday also marks the start of our 5th grade cluster's RTI efforts.

Students put finishing touches on their cardboard creations.
I'll learn and present on Wednesday and Thursday at the MassCUE conference.  My students will be in good hands with a beloved substitute who is a former teacher at our school. They'll study the water system and practice problem solving with measurement conversions. Friday will take on its usual routine with STEAM Star study, library/tech, math tech, ensemble/special projects, and buddy time.

The week's plans are set, and now it's time to catch up on professional learning with week 3 of the Mathematical Thinking MOOC, #satchat, and then time for family and fun!  Happy Weekend.