Thursday, October 30, 2014

Common Core Conversation and Collaboration

Place Value Learning Path Page Illustrations

I continue to see the Common Core as a move to deeper learning and teaching.

The standards serve as a center piece of thought and understanding as we teach students well.

Yesterday emails were exchanged as teachers at the grade level team "discussed" a couple of ideas related to teaching the standards well.

The emails were rooted in the leadership's recent publication of a website resource related to teaching the standards. The resource is a central location for the standards and related resources.

I have used a website for a long time to relay teaching standards and resources, but now that the leadership has embraced this venue, the conversation and collaboration has grown and that's good. When we work together and share, everyone's teaching and learning benefits. And, as often stated, it takes a leader's efforts to affirm and promote new efforts. Mostly, educators look to leadership when they make decisions about their work and effort.

So today as I contemplated yesterday's email "conversation," I thought of ways that I could improve my unit learning path and applied those ideas to my place value page.

If you have more resources or ways to improve this 24-7 guide for student/teacher share and learning, let me know.

I really like the way that learning is starting to depict the research Hattie summarizes in his book, Visible Learning for Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning. A cycle that is depicted in the images below: