Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Base Ten Place Value Video Contest

Coming Soon!

To engage and empower, students will use a number of tools to create standards-base place value films for a fourth grade audience.

First, we'll review place value by looking at a number of staircase models. As we study the models, we'll think about the model structure in relation to the "behavior" of base ten place value.

Next students will watch the videos and practice place value using Khan Academy and other resources with whole class, small group, and independent work. I'll introduce each place value skill and concept using a different video tool so students understand what's available for the project.

Then together we'll come up with the criteria for the film contest. I imagine the criteria will include the following:
  • Show the "behavior" of the base ten place value system--what happens as we move up and down the place value chart, write different digits in each place, and move the decimal point?
  • What is the value of each place, and how do we show that value with words, numbers, exponents, and expanded form.
  • How can we teach this using film in a way that fourth graders will remember?
  • Use the unit vocabulary appropriately.
Once the final criteria is set, I'll offer the following steps:
  1. Work with your group to create a story board and script. I'll provide templates.
  2. Choose a tool for creation. Choices will include Show Me, Explain Everything, iMovie, WeVideo, SCRATCH, Khan Programming, KidPix, QuickTime, and a combination of those tools and others.
  3. Creating the film.
  4. Editing with the teacher, and making final changes.
  5. Making a playlist of the films.
  6. Showing the films to fourth graders, and having fourth graders vote on the winners for the following categories:
    1. Easiest to understand and learn from.
    2. Best combination of entertainment and learning.
    3. Most creative.
    4. The movie I most want to watch again and again.
  7. A Film Celebration

I played around with the idea tonight using SCRATCH. It's a start, but I'm sure that the students will easily out-create my attempt with skill, humor, and focus.  I look forward to their creativity.

Links to Consider as I Plan and Employ the Unit Video Literacy