Friday, September 19, 2014

Teaching in a Responsive Way is Less Predictable

I shared the Friday plans with a specialist teacher on Monday. Then I changed the plans for Friday on Wednesday, and now on Friday morning I have to change the plans again.

The reason the plans change so often is that learning is not a predictable path. The intent and focus of the plans are the same, but the pacing, depth, and connections made during a learning experience are unpredictable.

To rush students just to keep up with the schedule is not good learning. Also it's a lost learning opportunity if you don't respond to opportunities to deepen the learning or enrich the teacher-student coaching relationship during the learning experience.

Therefore day-to-day, and week-to-week the learning will travel the standards/students' interests and needs path, but the specific plans will change often if it means serving students better and teaching well.