Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prepare for the Unit Assessment: 5th Grade Math

We started the math year with a review of number knowledge, facts, and measurement conversions as well as new study in the areas of coordinate grids and numerical expression.

We'll finish the related learning experiences this week and next week we'll review the material and assess.

I want to use this first assessment as a "learning to learn" lesson.

So, the review will begin with Math Talk and the following questions:
  1. Let's stop and reflect about the math year so far, what have we learned, practiced, and reviewed? (I'll list student responses on a Google doc that is displayed on the white board and will be shared later with the learning team: students, families, colleagues, leaders).
  2. On Thursday I'll assess your knowledge related to this information. Why do you think an assessment is necessary?
  3. What do you think are the best ways to prepare for an assessment?
  4. I've created an an assessment review sheet for you (pass out sheet). Please review the sheet. Circle the information you're not sure about, and underline the information you know well. Write any questions you may have on the bottom of the page.  After five minutes, I'll ask, What questions do you have?
After our talk, I'll ask each student to write a study action plan on the back of their paper. We'll share our study action plan ideas and I'll post those ideas on the home study page. I'll expect students to spend about 20 minutes a night studying for the assessment. In class, we'll study as well for two days using the study list and a study menu that includes games, online practice, collaborative work, and skill sheets. Students will have a chance to choose their study path from the menu. I'll support accordingly.

Then on Thursday, I'll give the assessment which will include a reflection question at the end. The reflection will ask students to reflect upon their learning for the unit and the study choices they made related to the final assessment.  The assessment will inform the direction I'll take as we embark on the next unit of study: place value.