Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Score Focus

A host of scores arrived during the summer days.

I analyzed the results and found that many met the mark and some still did not meet the mark.'

I considered the mark--it's a valuable goal.

As I looked over the results, I returned to next year's plans and did a bit of revision to better plan for the students who need a bit more and/or different support to reach the goals.

Since I'm moving ahead a grade, the students are moving with me and I know many of them well. I have a good sense of what will make the program more tailored to their needs. Additionally, the scores also proved to point out strategies that worked well--strategies that I'll continue to use.

While we have to be cautious about the data we collect and how we use that data so that we continue to teach the whole child, the data can be used well to better focus instruction so that all children succeed with essential skill, concept, and knowledge.

Receiving scores prior to the school year helps us to research and target new approaches as soon as the school year begins which helps us to teach children well.