Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Nuts and Bolts: The Daily Plan

The overarching curriculum, websites, plans, and goals are set for the year ahead.

There will be some revision once I learn of system-wide and school goals, but since I know my job description, I don't think there will be a lot of change for me.

Therefore now it's time for the nuts and bolts--the day to day planning and execution of lessons so that every child learns well. These are the details that matter when it comes to teaching well.

Day One
  • Introductions/Attendance
  • Desk set-up
  • Introduction to the classroom
  • Learning to Learn Lesson #1
  • Biography of George Washington Carver
  • Number Models
Day Two
  • Learning to Learn Lesson #2
  • Favorite Places in Nature continue
  • Number Models
  • George Washington Carver continue

Day Three
  • Learning to Learn Lesson #3
  • Number project starts/Khan Academy
  • Favorite Places in Nature continue
  • Start STEAM Inspiration notebooks
  • Homestudy: Khan Academy
Day Four
  • Learning to Learn Lesson #4
  • Number Models
  • Favorite Places in Nature continue
  • Start STEAM Inspiration notebooks
First Full Week:
  • Learning to Learn Lessons
  • Favorite Places in Nature Project completed and displayed. 
  • Number project completed and hung up in the classroom as a math reference.
  • Khan Academy routines and efforts  established.
  • Second STEAM biography shared and responded to in writing. 
Second Full Week:
  • Learning to Learn Lessons
  • Equations, Inequalities, and Expressions Unit
  • Fact Assessments, Study Menus
  • Ecosystem Vocabulary: Frayer Model Google Presentation
  • Khan Academy Study/Practice Continues 
  • STEAM Biography and response pattern continues
  • Place Value
The goals of the first three weeks are the following:
  • Students will understand how to use Khan Academy to support their math study and learning in personalized, effective ways.
  • Students will establish a routine of daily math practice at home using Khan Academy and other online/offline venues.
  • Students will get to know each other and how to work with each other well through the Learning to Learn unit and Favorite Places in Nature curriculum thus establishing a strong start to the classroom community.
  • Students will establish and follow meaningful classroom protocols.
  • Students will learn about, discuss, and write about famous STEAM leaders today and in history. 
  • Students will understand and use the vocabulary related to number talk, and students will learn about and apply the many ways we can express numbers in pictures, numbers, and words. 
  • Students will practice all math fact knowledge and determine goals and a personalized menu for daily skill study and learning. 
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