Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's a Big World

I've been on an amazing tour of the United States. We've visited several states touring cities and the countryside. I've had the terrific opportunity to talk to people from all over the world. I've enjoyed their stories and admired their sense of adventure, optimism, and care.

I've also been astounded by our country's beauty, and inspired to read, read, read about the history, facts, and stories related to each place I've visited. My children were similarly inspired to ask question after question as we adventured in dramatic landscapes like The Badlands and multiple cityscapes too.

As an educator, I am reminded that there is no better way to learn about geography, history, science, and math than experiences--actually seeing and exploring new places whets the appetite for investigation. Whether you are exploring nearby or faraway, it's essential to get out there and experience the world around you. I'll bring that fact back to my students this year as we explore the ecosystems around us. And since math education is one of my main charges next year, I'll make the time to help students learn math by using facts and figures to better see and understand their world and interests.

Further, as I've noted numerous times before, just making the time to get away and experience new people, places, and events, opens one's mind to the potential and possibility that exists for your work and life.