Friday, August 22, 2014

Focus on the Individual Learner

My theme this year is to focus on the individual learner.

I will start with surveying students and families with care so that I know each learner well. In addition I will carefully analyze existing formal and informal student data. 

Next I'll use the Learning to Learn curriculum to boost every learner's confidence and accessibility to successful learning. 

After that I'll carefully craft learning experiences with and for each student that respond to standards and students' needs and interests. 

I'll assess often and include families, colleagues, and students in the process of revision, goal setting, and design. 

Using servant leadership as my teaching model, I'll consider myself a servant to the students and work to meet their needs to the best of my ability. I'll seek the consult of experts near and far when needed, and speak up if I believe my words and questions will positively impact the children in my charge. I'll also continue to boost my knowledge, concept, and skill with a focus on math and science education. 

In school life there is much that calls for your time and attention, and that's why it is important to set the course priorities up front--priorities that put children first.