Monday, June 30, 2014

Vision, then Shell: Learning Starts

A website serves as a shell for learning.
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Learning typically starts with a need, then vision, and after that a shell--an umbrella, a place to grow the learning event.

In old times, that shell might have been a notebook, but today I prefer a website.

Therefore today I created the "shell" for the Learning to Learn unit, a website that I'll add to, enrich, assess, and revise in the days, weeks, and months to come. The greatest revision will come once I begin to use this website with students.

Take a look, what would you add?

How do you structure your initial learning? Do you create a "shell" of sorts using a website or other vehicles?  When do you release the learning for public comment or ideas?

I'm curious about your process. I'll carry this "learning to learn" shell with me in the weeks to come as I build upon the unit, a unit which will serve to launch students' learning year with strength.