Monday, June 30, 2014

Updated Summer Study 2014 List

As Summer 2014 takes shape so does the study routine. I enjoy this classroom-free time to dig deep into the research and tend to other matters in life as well.

The study list includes the following topics:
  • Complete Summer Reflection Work.
  • Create the "Learning to Learn" Unit.
  • Organize INSPIRE lessons, signage, and links, and placing the information on the Sensational Science website.
  • Update the Curriculum Night Presentation.
  • Design the new classroom layout, purchasing classroom supplies, unpacking existing supplies, and setting up the classroom.
  • Read Willingham's book, Why Students Don't Like School.
  • Read Vilson's book, This is Not a Test.
  • Order and Read Meenoo Rami's book, Thrive. 
  • Read Next Generation Science Standards document.
  • Organize start-of-the-year science and math lessons, and updating science and math websites.
  • Set up first day of school meetings with collaborating teachers.
  • Establish school year protocols, schedules, and routines. 
  • Attend #edcampblc and Learnlaunch teacher event. 
I've taken a few books and other actions off the list so that I have some more time for family, friends, and fun as I know it's important to be rested and ready for the school year to come.