Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TEAM Research #20: Presentation

"Research is creating new knowledge."
- Neil Armstrong

The classroom ready for presentation. 
We're at the TEAM research presentation point. Students will present their research in entertaining and informative ways.  Each group's presentation is unique. Therefore we'll provide a varied menu for our audience.

The presentation will begin with a brief introduction:

Welcome to our Team 15 Final Project of the Year: The Endangered Species Presentation. Each year the project is revised to meet students' needs and interests as well as current curriculum goals and focus. 

This year the project emphasized the following components:
  • Guided Research
  • Writing Informational Text
  • Content Vocabulary
  • Google Presentation Creation
  • Script Writing and Performance
  • A Class Film
  • Service Learning Marketplace, Fund Raising, and Letter Writing.
Students worked with collaboration, creativity, critical thinking skills, and communication throughout the project. The project also built character and citizenship. This year's revision responded to the Massachusetts' Business Alliance for Education's new 2030 report for education and multiple Common Core Standards including standards related to speaking, writing, reading, and interdisciplinary study.  Our presentation will begin with our class film, and then each group will entertain and educate you with their performance.  I am very proud of the students' amazing project work.  Let the show begin.

Next we'll show the class film, and then student teams will present their informational skits and slide shows. After that, family members are invited to take a look at students' Google presentations and classroom displays. That's a time to enjoy the breakfast foods as well.

This has been a big project with many, many steps. To see the students' enthusiasm, sense of team, and new knowledge, concept, and skill affirms the project's depth and scope. I look forward to the tomorrow's presentation and those that are scheduled after that as it will be a chance to sit back, enjoy the show, and congratulate Team 15.

The final steps remaining include sending off the service learning money and letters to the reservations and students' reflections.

The presentation was well received by the entire learning community. The integration of guided research, student-composed scripts, slideshows, music, maps, and props made the presentations both informative and entertaining.  Congratulations Team 15 for a job well done!

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