Sunday, May 18, 2014

Twitter Meet-Up: EdcampBLC

I'm still sad that I missed #edcampboston.  It was the right thing to do due to personal matters, but I really missed that dose of inspiration and camaraderie, the kind that forwards your work with strength.

I find myself thinking of the next #edcamp I'll attend #edcampblc in Boston on July 14. I have hoped to attend this #edcamp for a while, and I think this year will work.

When I attend, one conversation I want to put up on the board is a Twitter Meet-Up.

During that session, I'd love to talk about the following questions.

1. How did you start with Twitter?

2. What keeps you going?

3. What's one story you have about Twitter and teaching, you'd like to share?

4. How have you built your Twitter PLN out with real time collaboration, learning, and work?

5. Other thoughts and questions.

I know for me it's been daunting to interact in depth online and then to meet my Twitter PLN in real time with little time or place for real conversation and exchange.  Hence, I'm hoping to see some my Twitter PLN at #edcampblc so we can have this conversation.