Sunday, May 18, 2014

Model Research Regularly: Google Research Tools

I just updated my students' home study list.

The list is hosted on a Google doc for regular review.

The new list includes the following:
  • Image and link to article related to current research.
  • A quote.
  • Quick Links: overview of at-home study expectations. 
  • Homework Chart: home study details.
  • Additional Information and Charts: to support students' home study.
  • Message app to foster regular share and questioning like Twitter.
  • Calculator app to help students out with homework.
As I worked on this update today, I used Google's research tool.  Then when the footnote immediately was placed on the page, I thought about how I can research each week using this tool which will introduce students to footnotes and the research process in a natural way--a way for which they can see the value and a way that they can copy as they do their own research.

As educators, we can consistently and deeply share our own learning process through a regular share document like this home study list.  It's a one-stop place for the learning community when it comes to understanding the work and study to do as well as sharing the questions and homework related to that study.

I'm playing around with the "Messenger app" to build greater share on this document.