Thursday, May 15, 2014

TEAM Research: Revision #6

As I looked over students' most recent research work, I realized that we have to push the presentation date out.  The information and project work is terrific demonstrating that the parameters of this project are positive--children are stretching and reaching as they research to find facts, photos, and maps.  And as I hoped, matching this research with a specific animal reservation or conservation area has prompted students to go on a virtual world tour looking at land maps, local landforms, animal habitats, reservation videos, and more.  The project is awakening them to worlds and work they didn't know about before.

Reluctantly, but purposefully, I pushed the project presentation date out by two weeks.  I don't want to rush this good learning. I want children to have more time to find the best facts, write good text, identify best images, design enticing film introductions, write engaging scripts, collaborate, and present with terrific voice, expression, and imagination.

Meeting the new criteria outlined in the MBAE report and other recent reports about dynamic learning takes time, intent, and revision--new learning is not a smooth road, but instead a twisty path as we reach for the project vision and strength. This is the kind of learning and work they will do in their future, and this is a good time to start their vigorous learning journey--a journey they'll continue throughout their life


As I think more about this project, I realize that this project and all new learning has implications for the work we do:

  • Implications for behavioral expectations and consequences.
  • Implications for classroom design
  • Implications for teacher time and schedules.
  • Implications for home-school connections.
  • Implications for current scope and sequences.
  • Implications for feedback and grading, coaching and response.

New learning requires change in the way we have always done things in school, and this change creates disruption.


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