Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TEAM Research: First Edit #5

I just gave students' research presentations a first edit, and as expected there was a range of response from students who are nearing completion to those who have just started adding facts.  We've truly only worked on this for a couple of days, so I expected to get a variety of responses.

I created a coaching document which lists the group names and the edit priorities, and I added notes and questions to the presentation canvas (Google Presentation).

In light of their work, I created a new timeline for the project.  We're squishing it in a bit which is mostly due to the fact that the fourth grade standards and scope and sequence takes more than teaching year's time, and the fact that I have high standards for the project.  I'm not settling for a simple research project, but instead one with more depth.

The depth truly made the edits more interesting and the projects more accessible than a simple report of animal facts.

I continue to chart this project in detail so I can give it a thorough assessment once its complete so that I can grow and improve it for the year to come.