Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reviewing Scores

How do you assess scores?

What do you look for when it comes to scores to lead your work forward?

Throughout the year, I receive numerous scores related to students' efforts. There are also a number of score reports that I don't see, reports that are only reported to administration via State systems. I must say I'm curious about those reports too yet I understand the sensitivity of some reports.

So with regard to the score reports I collect and see, this is my current process.
  1. I review students' end-of-year scores and compare those scores with expectations.
  2. I re-look at the curriculum programs, and make changes in order to gain better growth. For example we made some program and procedural changes this year to beef up areas that we felt were underserved last year, and we kept programs that resulted in strong effect.
  3. I review all scope and sequences and standards.
  4. I take a close look at students' initial year assessments.
  5. With collaborating teachers, we develop plans to move students' learning forward. We assess in multiple ways to note growth and need.
  6. We develop plans accordingly, and assess regularly.
In the future, I want to develop this approach with even greater scrutiny in the following ways.
  1. For students who don't make adequate progress, I want to dig deeper and seek out more answers? I want to discuss these students with collaborating educators, and think about ways that these students may be better served.  For example, we may decide to lessen and strengthen targets in this regard--a "less is more" approach for greater success. Often students who struggle in one area, struggle in many areas, hence a targeted approach is very important. 
  2. For areas of the curriculum where growth is less, I want to analyze the test results with greater depth. I'd like to participate in honest, open discussion with colleagues about these areas of the curriculum, but this is tender territory and requires a thoughtful, level discussion field where all involved understand the scores with depth related to the many factors that impact scores including student service, initial year scores, absenteeism, language barriers, economic obstacles, extracurricular advantages, class size, and more. 
  3. I would like to ask for score reports early, and hear explicit analysis at the start of the year so that I understand the expectations and window for which these scores are being used and referred to.  This will help to create a collective set of worthy goals for moving students ahead. The more that goal results and goals are holistically analyzed and clearly relayed, the better chance we will have to make gains with regard to student achievement. 
  4. I would like to survey students and families about their progress, strengths, and needs. Often a child's and family's assessment of the learning situation is the most accurate illustration of needs met and needs that remain.
Going forward, the completion of the following survey will serve my work well.  I will complete the data and teacher assessments over the summer, and ask family members and students to complete their section at the end of the year.  Then I will present this form to next year's teacher during our student share day in the fall.  

Student Name:

Student Objective Data

Reading Fluency Scores:

Reading Comprehension Scores:

Math Scores:
Symphony End Year Benchmark:

State Standardized Test Scores:
MCAS Writing:
MCAS Math:

Ratio Days Present/180:
Days Tardy:

Student to Class Ratio:

Teacher Assessments and Observations

General Attitude:
Mostly Ready to Learn             Sometimes Ready to Learn                Often Not Ready to Learn

General Performance Related to Grade Level Expectations:

Reading:   Exceeds         Meets                       Progressing                    Below Grade Level

Writing:    Exceeds         Meets                       Progressing                    Below Grade Level

Math:        Exceeds         Meets                       Progressing                    Below Grade Level

Home Study Completion:

Most Assignments            Some Assignments       Few to No Assignments

Extracurricular Activities: List Study that Affect School Performance:
(List name of program, hours, frequency)
Math Program:
Reading Program:

Family Involvement

Supportive                      Inactive                          Challenging

School Program Support: RTI, Special Education, ELL, Other:
(List support, time,  and frequency)
Special Education Teacher Support
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
English Language Learner Classes
Math After School Support
RTI Math
Affinity Group

Notes related to significant positive or challenging events that could have impacted a child's overall performance:
Family Event


Family/Student Assessment and Observations

(My child/I) was a successful student in (all, some, few, no) subjects during the year. 

(My child/I) made academic gains in the following areas:
  • reading fluency:                                                           Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know
  • reading comprehension:                                             Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know
  • writing essays and narratives:                                   Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know  
  • writing reading responses:                                         Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know 
  • math facts:                                                                   Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know
  • math problem solving:                                                Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know 
  • project base learning in social studies and science:  Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know
  • work habits and study skills                                       Progress    No Progress   I Don't Know                                       
Extracurricular Activities: List Study that Affect School Performance:
(List name of program, hours, frequency)
Math Program:
Reading Program:

(My child/I) experienced the following learning highlight(s) this year:

(My child/I) could have made more gains with the following supports/actions:


Student Analysis: (Completed by teaching team in the fall of the new teaching/learning year, and shared with family members during the first conference. )

The notes above show that _________________________ made (exemplary, adequate, inadequate)

progress during his/her __________________ year.  Scores demonstrate (advanced, proficient, needs

improvement).  A close look at parent, student, and teacher surveys demonstrate that the student's

academic program in the past year included the following strengths and challenges:



With the student's future progress in mind, the following actions are recommended by the teaching team:

Program as Planned:

Program with the Following Special Supports (Modifications, Changes, and/or Enrichment):

A Modified Program:

An Enriched Program: