Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where Are We Going: Ed-Tech Vision

My students are currently fully involved in three deep learning streams including fractions study, reading and responding to great books, and endangered species research and presentation--these threads of learning require lots of engaging class study, collaboration, and exploration.  For me, these in-class threads require lots of coaching and personalization. The energy and effort is good, the prep work is complete, and so I have a bit of time for analysis and forward thought.

Through Educon 2.6, social networks, and interaction with the system-wide Tech Task Force, I've collected a number of vision/assessment articles.  I plan to read them soon in order to gain a broad direction for the ed-tech work I do to teach children well.

These are the documents I'll read:

U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plan For Fiscal Years 2014-2018
Digital Learning Now 2013 Report Card
Massachusetts Business for Alliance in Education Tech Vision
Pew Research Internet Project: Digital Life in 2025

I'll read these documents with the lenses of a teacher of elementary school children, a parent of young adults and teenagers, and an advocate for what's best for children.

What articles, books, or reports would you add to this list?  What are the big questions you would target as you read these reports?

After I do this analysis, I hope to complete these other analyses and work.
  • Completion of my reading and review of all the deeper learning MOOC information.
  • A return to reading and work related to brain-friendly education efforts and work.
  • Review of last year's learning/teaching assessment and Massachusetts' new evaluation system elements
Like so many teachers in the field, I truly enjoy the deep analysis that goes along with teaching well--the time to thoughtfully analyze the broad landscape of education.  I find that this study truly impacts the work I do each day to teach children well. 

I look forward to the thoughts and ideas you have to share in this regard.