Saturday, March 29, 2014

Experience the Joy: Teaching Young Children

Yesterday during playground duty I told students that I had decided to be a child for a while.  For the first time, I slid down the slide, climbed up the monkey bars, and played on a few other playground pieces I had never explored. I also relaxed on the swings. The beautiful, warmer air and snowless playground inspired the play.

It was great to see the children's delight as I interacted with their playground activities and structures--"Run, Ms. Devlin, Run," they called out as they ran all over the muddy fields.

So many in my PLN remind us daily to remember the joy, and bring the happiness to our work each day. I won't be playing on the equipment every day as it's clearly made for young, flexible bodies, but I will wear sneakers and "play clothes" more often so I can interact fully with the imagination, energy, and open attitudes students bring to learning each day.

Promoting a balance of multiple learning paths and free time too, I'll continue on the path of choreographing days that teach children well.  What do you do to foster playful, joyful, learning communites?  I'm interested in your ideas as I grow this aspect of teaching and learning.