Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Professional Role and Activity

What is your professional role?

What makes up your weekly professional activity?

During this twisty, turvy time in education, I continue to redirect my path with greater refinement and direction. Yesterday I had the chance to talk ed philosophy with colleagues, and that helped to reroute the path yet again.

Student Learning 
First, as always, the path is directed towards students' success with the development of worthy foundation skills through student-centered, deep, multi-sensory, interdisciplinary, engaging, and empowering learning experiences. Yes, lots of words, but important words when it comes to teaching well.

Contribution and Collaboration
Next, the path is directed towards positive contribution, the kind of efforts I can contribute with strength. First, I can share my research and efforts through conferences, blogging, and responsive share with those who are interested. Next, I can contribute to my team by sharing ideas, information, learning experiences, and curriculum/student program efforts. Finally, with regard to the greater school community, the best contribution I can make at this time is doing my job well, and supporting others' efforts with honest, positive response and effort.

Professional Learning
Knowledge is positive power--the more I know and understand related to teaching children well, the better job I can do on all fronts. Hence, I will continue to learn via conferences, reflection, reading, writing, online chats, and more. A daily diet of learning truly empowers what I can do as an educator.

Recreation, Health, Family, and Friends
As we all know, a happy, healthy life strengthens the attitude, efforts, and response we can bring to our students. Hence, it's important to make the time for good times with family, friends, interests, and adventures.