Friday, March 14, 2014

ELA Test Weeks

The test weeks are disruptive in schools.

Specialists teachers' schedules shift since they are administering tests.  Students' typical routines are disrupted too.

The key is to keep the momentum going with regard to confidence, doing your best, and a happy balance of test taking, play, and attention to other learning objectives.

We eliminate homework, in part, during these weeks to give students time to play.  I also increase time on engaging, learning efforts. For example, we'll watch the film, The Amazing Panda Adventure, to whet students' appetites for upcoming endangered species study.  We'll also spend a lot of time reading great books such as our current read aloud, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, which we are all enjoying.

So while the tests serve to disrupt the status-quo, teachers can work to keep a happy balance focused on students' needs, interests, and upcoming projects.