Monday, February 17, 2014

Text Books or Content Management Systems

Is a CMS essentially a garden of wonderful learning experiences?
I've recently been introduced to the idea of a Content Management System (CMS) via UClass, and I like this notion.

While I've been skeptical about the Learning Management Systems (LMS) due to their cumbersome qualities and sometimes lack of outreach, I like the idea of the CMS because it's one way for a system to guide and manage information in this world of information overload.

I am thinking more about this as my school system leans towards a new text book adoption. I worry about spending lots of time adopting and evaluating text books in this age of worthy, wonderful blended learning opportunities--opportunities that provide students with 24-7, multimodal, personalized learning menus with multiple tools, activities, and information resources.

Plus as I think about a CMS I am envisioning a more fluid, facile, flexible system of information curation, creation, and collaboration--almost like a garden of thought that is regularly pruned, enriched, and enjoyed.

Hence, I'm considering this with greater depth, and want my system and others to consider this too as they look ahead and make decisions about the dollars they spend.  What are your thoughts on this matter?  Where are you and your school system leaning in this regard?